What Benefits Do Furnace Tune-Ups Offer?

10 January 2018
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If you rely on your furnace in the winter to keep your house warm, you should make a habit of scheduling routine maintenance on the furnace. The best way to do this is by getting an annual furnace tune-up. Furnace tune-ups are very affordable, and they offer a lot of great benefits. Your furnace will work better One of the main benefits you can experience from getting regular tune-ups is improved function of your furnace. Read More 

Using Heating Oil To Convert An Old Bus Into A Comfortable Hunting Cabin

21 November 2017
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If you are into hunting and have an old school bus you want to convert into a cabin, it is a good idea to consider using heating oil. This heating fuel is among the most efficient available and is particularly well suited for this unique project. The Price And Efficiency Are Great Heating oil is typically quite inexpensive when compared to other types of fuel. For example, a gallon typically costs about $2. Read More 

3 Steps To Take In Order To Keep Your Furnace In Good Shape

27 February 2017
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Maintaining your furnace is a very important thing to do because you do not want your furnace to wear down prematurely, mostly due to the fact that a new furnace can be quite expensive. Listed below are three steps to take in order to keep your furnace in good shape. Clean The Air Filter One of the biggest things that you will want to do in order to keep your furnace in good shape is to clean the air filter regularly, especially in the winter when you're going to be using your heater more often. Read More 

Furnace Care To Ensure Efficiency And Fewer Repairs During The Winter Months

30 January 2017
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Care of your furnace is important during the winter months if you want your energy bills to be as low as possible. There are many tasks that need to be done, such as checking the air filter and cleaning the furnace. With simple maintenance and good practices for use, you will be able to keep your energy costs lower. Here are some of the things that you should know about the winter care needs of your furnace: Read More 

3 Things You Should Do if Your Hot Water Heating Costs Are Getting Too High

27 January 2017
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Inefficient water heating systems are notorious when it comes to driving heating costs out of control. The good news is that most water heater inefficiencies can be fixed without the need for replacing the entire heating system. Here are things that you can do to help bring your hot water heating costs under control. Check your water heater thermostat Thermostats help to reduce energy consumption in water heaters by turning off the heating element once a certain temperature is achieved. Read More